ProTec – Mobile Crash Barriers

The ProTec family of mobile crash barrier systems

The Guidelines for the Work Involved in Safeguarding Roadworks (RSA) and the Additional Technical Contract Conditions and Guidelines for Road Safety (ZTV-SA 97) stipulate that mobile road restraint systems are to be installed at roadworks on motorways to safeguard oncoming traffic, to prevent the risk of falling and to protect the construction site workers.
When it comes to temporary use in roadwork situations, the mobile crash barriers by Peter Berghaus GmbH fulfil the requirements for all customary fields of application at motorway roadworks pursuant to DIN EN 1317 part 1 and part 2. Our good logistics services are well organised so that these can be both sold and hired throughout Europe.

Einsatzbereiche für ProTec-Schutzwände in Anlehnung an Bild 2 der ZTV-SA (6.11.1)

Für den temporären Einsatz in Baustellenbereichen erfüllt die Peter Berghaus GmbH mit ihren mobilen Schutzwänden die Forderungen für alle üblichen Einsatzmöglichkeiten im Bereich von Autobahnbaustellen laut den DIN EN 1317 Teil 1 und Teil 2. Durch unsere gute Logistik ist nicht nur der Verkauf sondern auch eine Vermietung europaweit möglich.

ProTec 50

The new mobile crash barrier ProTec 50 with a planning-related width of 10 cm and a weight of only 28.7 kg per meter is the most recent addition to the proven portfolio of ProTec products.
[... read on]

ProTec 50 City

ProTec 50 City the latest innovative addition to the ProTec family. This is the "handy" version of the proven ProTec 50 mobile crash barrier, rated specifically for use in the urban setting. [... read on]

ProTec 100

The new reinforced concrete crash barrier system ProTec 100 - the narrow mobile crash barrier that fulfils containment level W1 with the low ASI value "0,2"!
The concrete and steel materials are incorporated in 10 m elements that have a planning-relevant width of just 12 cm. [... read on]

ProTec 120

The reinforced concrete crash barrier system ProTec 120. This is an extremely narrow, compact crash barrier with high containment levels, optimum effective ranges and the lowest impact force level "A". The concrete and steel materials are incorporated in 10 m elements that have a planning-relevant width of just 14 cm. [... read on]

ProTec 121

Mobile crash barrier ProTec 121 is the ideal solution for professional traffic safety at construction sites on roads and motorways, particularly in very constricted roadworks situations. [... read on]

ProTec 160

Both the ProTec 120 and the ProTec 160 systems can be put to many different uses, e.g. between roadworks and on-coming or parallel flows of traffic and also between contraflow traffic (including the transition zone). [... read on]

The products
Peter Berghaus GmbH has been developing and producing mobile crash barriers for more than 20 years. At present, the product range includes four different types of mobile crash barriers that have been successfully tested for containment levels T1, T2, T3 and H1. More technical information can be found here. [...more].

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